About the Piarist Fathers and the Piarist School (Top)

Former Bishop Gainer Asks That You Consider Donating for the New School (Top)
Diocese of Lexington, KY

Students and Teachers Ask For Your Help (Top)

The Piarist Fathers' Outreach in Eastern Kentucky (Top)

The Piarist Fathers' Outreach: Home Repair for the Needy (Top)

The Piarist Fathers' Outreach: Christmas Presents for Those in Poverty (Top)

Testimonial - Piarist Graduate, Class of 98 (Top)
Roy talks about how The Piarist School is breaking down
the misconceptions of the Catholic Faith.

Testimonial - Piarist Graduate, Class of 98 (Top)
Kristi talks about how she gives back as a teacher and graduate of the Piarist School

Testimonial - Student Returns To Teach at The Piarist School (Top)

Testimonial - Student Fulfills His Dream of Becoming an Engineer (Top)

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